Lukasz Zamaro is a Cinematographer born in Poland. After graduating the film school he moved to Norway and started his career in Oslo. He completed course one and two of “Expanded Cinematography” at the Global Cinematography Institute in Los Angeles, taught by legendary cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond ASC and Yuri Neyman ASC. In 2014 and 2015 he was participating in highly regarded ASC Master Class in Los Angeles. Currently he lives and works in Oslo.


Knerten På Dypt Vann, Directed by: Tove Undheim

Disappearance (2017), Directed by: Lorenzo Fabbro

First Do No Harm (2016), Directed by: Thomas Østbye

Jenta Med Fiskesmykket (2016), Directed by: Egil Pedersen

Kisa iz Vedra Neba (2016), Directed by: Lorenzo Fabbro

What We Talk About When We Talk About Fish (2016), Directed by: Egil Pedersen

Hedda (2016), Directed by: Hisham Zaman

Devouring (2016), Directed by: Egil Pedersen

The Boy in the Picture (2016), Directed by: Hisham Zaman

Blank Løgn (2016), directed by: Pål Jackman

Se Meg (2015), directed by: Igor Devold

Baba Vanga (2015), directed by: Aleksandra Niemczyk

Mot Nord (2015), directed by: Jørn Nyseth Ranum

Det Syke Dyret (2015), directed by: Egil Pedersen

Unspoken (2013), directed by: Aleksandra Niemczyk

Leaving the Herd (2012), directed by: Egil Pedersen

The Problem Has no Name (2012), directed by: Aleksandra Niemczyk

Skip (2009), directed by: Bartek Galazka

Marysia i Dzidek (2007), directed by: Andrzej Stopa

Lucky Strike (2006), directed by: Andrzej Stopa

Swimming Pool (2006), directed by: Andrzej Stopa

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